Sleeve Embroidery on Norse Gown – Maria von Ossenheim

East Kingdom Wiki:

The base dress used in this project was cotton that I have had for many years. The silk band was from a modern Indian silk outfit that I repurposed and backed with cotton muslin for stability. The embroidery was done with dmc cotton in a split stitch and accented with glass seed beads. The bands were basted down with a whip stitch, then appliquéd with a button hole stitch onto the base garment.

I am very happy with how the over all embroidery came out, especially since this was one of the first times I was using split stitch and the button hole stitch in this way. One issue I did have with the project was that the modern based tailor’s caulk was not easily removed from the silk and and in some places is still visible in the finished project.

This project was created out of materials that already existed in my house. While based off a Norse style dress with silk embroidered bands the dress, embroidery, and materials are not strictly period and documentable. The pictures are of the project in various stages, including finished.

13 thoughts on “Sleeve Embroidery on Norse Gown – Maria von Ossenheim

  1. This is lovely, and I love the look of the colors together! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. You say not strictly in period, yet to my mind this really embodies what someone would have been doing; working with what they had, making an old garment new again with some wonderful detail. Great job!

  3. The colors and patterns are beautiful and those beads add just the right touch of lux to the cuff.

  4. This is lovely work. I love this embroidery treatment on your gown and the colors used.

  5. Beautiful work!! This is a great way to make a garment go from simple to exquisite!
    Thank you for sharing!

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