Crown’s Arts & Sciences Competition and Display 2021

Welcome to our East Kingdom Online A&S Championship and Display! Below you will find all of our entrants grouped into art categories alphabetically. We have 38 entries in total this year! To find our youth entrants simply look for the tags with the entry titles! Finalists are marked as bold.

Competition judging has completed and the Consuls will be announcing our next Arts and Sciences champions in the next EK Court.


Isabel del Okes, Coptic Bound Book with Papyrus Book Boards

Calligraphy, Illumination, & Painting

Alessandra Serena Renda of Gibellina, Scalco, Et Cameriero Secreto; Italian Handwriting in Calligraphy and Illumination

Ciaran ua Meic Thire, A Page from the Prayerbook of Marie de Medici

Jan Janowicz Bogdanski, Italio-Byzantine Panel Painting


Cathain Reiter, Reproduction of Extant Mary of Hapsburg Chemise

Chiaretta di Fiore, 1560s Italian Overgown

Guðrún Sveinsdóttir (Rosie of Mtn Freehold), Walnut-Dyed Birka Tunic and Yarn

Lillian Hutchinson, She Wears Her Faith as the Fashion of Her Hat – the Evolution of the Hood in England Between 1487-1537

Rafi al-Qasid, Linen Tunic

Sugawara no Naeme, Travelling Outfit: A Journey – Japanese late Heian period (12th century)


Hermankyn, A Dance Duel Recreation


Hanya Vladimirovna Polotskaya, Slavic Folk Red Work Embroidery

Maria von Ossenheim, Sleeve Embroidery on Norse Gown

Food & Drink

Motte Nachfalter, From Mesopotamia to Marmalade: Pectin’s Plentiful Past

Siobhan ingean ui Ghadhra, Sugar Subtletie for Yule Feast Featuring a Weihnachtspyramide (German Christmas Pyramid)

Sterling, Youth: 10th Century Gingerbread

Vindiorix Ordovix, Ninkasi Ale


Alke von Ossenheim, Youth: Lampwork Beads

Davia Brown, Youth: Stained Glass Suncatcher


Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky, Russian Crossbow Quiver

Malys MacGregor, 15th c. Incunable and Cuir Bouilli Case

Temur Numuchi, Leather Coronets


William Deth, Research Project: Universal Fighting Strategies and Principles

Medieval Life

William of Wyndhaven and the Royal Foresters of Endewearde, Video: A Dugout Canoe and two Coracles Engaged in Paddling & Fishing


Brandr Nefjsbreitr Aronsson, 15th century – Spiked Floor Standing Candelabra

Cailleach Dhe ingen Chiarain, 6th Century Frankish-Merovingian Brooch Set

Llewelyn ap Gododdin, Raised and Repousse Cup

Phillipus Taber, Visby #3 Gauntlet

Roibeard mac Neill mhic Gille Eoin, The Evolution of Zoomorphic Penannular brooches

Sigvardr halfdanarson, Gotland Bracelet and its Stampwork


Adelisa Salernitana, Carol from the Capella Palatina, “Anni novi circulus”


Nate Henry, Youth: Roman Coin Horde Jug


Arabella De Mere, Tablet Woven Band – Chelles de Bathhilde

Ástrídr Sægeirsdottir, Tablet Woven Band

Chana Freidl the Maker, Itztlacoliuhqui – The Aztec God of Winter – Weaving A Legend

Rosina von Schaffhausen, Research Project: Symmetry Analysis of a Period Pattern Book


Alric the Younger, Viking Age Sitting Apparatus

Seamus na Coille Aosda, Irish Logboat

3 thoughts on “Crown’s Arts & Sciences Competition and Display 2021

    1. We like to do these blind when we can – some people would like to share their work with everyone and get feedback through consultations, but don’t enjoy the stress of competitions. By grouping everyone together we keep people from feeling obligated to enter the competition when it’s not the right choice for them. This way only the people who truly want to be scored receive scores, and everyone is able to share their art with the Kingdom – a win for everyone!

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