Recordings & Notes from Online Classes

Recordings of some our online offerings can now be found on the East Kingdom YouTube channel. There is even a special A&S playlist.

Handouts for classes offered by the MoAS office, where available, will be posted to this page for the immediate future to enable sharing.

Viking Clothing 101, Handout, by Viscountess Sefa Hrafnsdottir

The Real Fibonacci Numbers, Handout, and Slides, by THL Rosina von Schaffhausen

Opus Anglicanum Embroidery, Handout 1, Handout 2, by THL Amalia von Hohensee

Viking Gender Roles, Handout, by Þorfinnr Hróðgeirsson

Persona Workshop, Folder with Handouts, by Aurelia Colleoni Buccafurno

Rapier Body Mechanics, Notes/Handout, by Master Donovan Shinnock

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