Online EK A&S Display

Welcome to our East Kingdom Online A&S Display! Our Eastern Artisans have shared their art with us, please enjoy visiting their pages.

Show your support by leaving positive comments or questions (no critical/constructive feedback please – artisans who were looking for that are being connected directly with other artisans in their field) on their pages!


Philippa Dyvill, 15th Century V-neck Gown

Wynflaed aet Hamtunscire, Linen Tunic

Adelisa Salernitana, Spun and Knitted St. Denis Cap

Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina, The Will and Testament of Kale Pakouriane: An 11th-Century Byzantine Noblewoman’s Closet

Elena Hylton, An Elizabethan Hat


Galefridus Peregrinus, Sour Orange Chicken


Richard Heyworth, A Brickwork Bag Panel

Isabeau d’Orleans, Canvas-work Embroidery


Conor O Ceallaigh, Stained Glass Scroll

Lissa Underhill, Face Beads


Lisabetta Medaglia, The Gryphon Scroll


Amalie von Hohensee, Bobbin Lace


Galvyn Lockhart, 14th/15th Century Painted Shield

Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne, Translation Differences in Alfieri’s ‘La Scherma’


Arabella De Mere, Birka 22 Brocaded Tabletwoven Band

Þorfinnr Hróðgeirsson, Tablet Woven Fillet

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