Updates regarding Online Activities in the Future

As in-person events begin to be more common the MOAS office would like to clarify a few things about plans for online activities going forward. I can only speak for my remaining time in office, but at least for the next year and a half we plan to continue the following:

Online classes: The MOAS office has been holding online classes under the last 3 Ministers – long before the pandemic started and we are happy to continue to do so! We have had a decrease in volunteers recently, but if you are interested in teaching a class on things involving history/crafting we would love to help! Please email moas.education@eastkingdom.org with your class information. We can provide a Zoom account, advertising, and if you like it can be recorded and added to the Kingdom A&S playlists, found here: https://www.youtube.com/c/SCAEastKingdomEthereal/playlists

Online A&S Displays: One positive of this past year has been the increase in access for many people who may have struggled to display in-person due to travel limitations/project size/working hours/other needs. We are planning on having a Kingdom-wide A&S Online Display once per reign (twice a year) to allow artisans to share their work widely regardless of their ability to do so in-person. These displays will also give artisans the option to request feedback if someone is looking for advice on how to progress, either with a specific project or with their larger goals. Display registration will be announced in advance on the MOAS website, the East Kingdom email discussion list, and the Official & Unofficial East FB pages. As our last online display event ran May-June we will likely be looking at some time in the fall for the next one. To reflect this we are switching the name of our Special Deputy for A&S Consultation into the Special Deputy for Web Display to reflect this focus (not to worry, A&S Consultations will still be done at both online and in-person events, or email moas@eastkingdom.org at any time to schedule one). We are very excited to have Richard Heyworth, who has been working extensively with our office to support online activities during the pandemic, step into this role officially. He can be reached at moas.display@eastkingdom.org

We are very excited to be able to support the artisans of the East in a variety of venues/formats so that anyone with interest is able to participate. If you have any questions or are looking for assistance please reach out to me at moas@eastkingdom.org

– Mistress Elena Hylton, MOAS

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