What is the job of the Kingdom A&S minister

A question to the Kingdom A&S Minister, Master Philip White:

What’s your job anyway? What does being Kingdom A&S Minister mean? Are you in charge of all the A&S in the Kingdom?

A reply from the Minister:

Let’s start with a description of the office from Kingdom Law:

The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences:

* Acts as advisor in all matters pertaining to the Arts and Sciences within the Kingdom to The Crown and subjects of the Kingdom, and supports study in those areas.

* Supervises the Lesser Office of Chancellor of the East Kingdom University.

* At the request of The Crown, works with the Kingdom Chamberlain to coordinate and supervise the creation of regalia.

What does all that mean?

There are the simple parts of helping The Crown, helping the Chancellor, and helping the Chamberlain.

There’s also the administrative part of helping all of the local and regional A&S offices and the Kingdom Guilds. That means being a resource for them as well as supervising reporting and activities.

It does not mean the office is “in charge” or any and all arts and sciences that happen in the Kingdom. The office is charged with supporting those activities as best it can.

What would I like to do?

* Help people have fun.

* Encourage learning.

* Encourage teaching.

Sounds simple right? I hope so! Should be possible with your help!

Along the way I expect there to be some really masterful works of art and some ingenious scientific exploration. That’s awesome, too, but not my primary goal.

Fun first. Learning and teaching next. Hopefully excellence comes as a result of those.

How you can help me:

* Volunteer.

* Share your ideas.

* Hold me accountable.

I think that is going to be a good start. Let’s work together!

Your Servant to Command,


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