A Dugout Canoe and two Coracles Engaged in Paddling & Fishing – William of Wyndhaven and the Royal Foresters of Endewearde

A few of the Royal Foresters Guild in Endewearde have filmed a period watercraft piece. We illustrate the use of a dugout canoe and a pair of coracles. Maneuvering the vessels, fishing an eel pot, and pair net trawling are all shown. These watercraft could definitely have met up in a situation like this in England, Ireland, and much of Western & Northern Europe during the early Medieval period. We have represented an Irish kern, 2 Norse & and a wandering Welshman, an unlikely lot! We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making this!

Irish Kern in Dugout:           Seamus Na Coille Aosda

Norse Coracle paddlers:     Hrefna Hrobjartsdottir & William of Wyndhaven

Wandering Welshman:       Gwillim Kynith

Videographer:                       Randulf the Small

Dugout by Seamus, Coracles, Norse boots, & bottels by William, net by Hrefna, eel pot by Syr Cedric of Thanet, stunning good looks by Gwillim.
All made possible by the videography of Randulf.

19 thoughts on “A Dugout Canoe and two Coracles Engaged in Paddling & Fishing – William of Wyndhaven and the Royal Foresters of Endewearde

  1. Just my first viewing brings new understanding of the crafts and techniques involved; I expect to watch this at least a few more times… Very well done by all!

  2. Great work on the water craft

    I have done some casual research on personal watercraft construction
    their attention to detail is great

    and the understanding of how to use them without ending up in the “drink”

    a good and informative video

    1. Thank you, we really had a blast filming, and have ideas for some other videos. I have brought the coracles to The Hunt, and Middle Ground, I planned on Panteria last year but got waylaid. It’s a ton of fun getting people in them and paddling around. Seamus has his eyes peeled for another (larger) tree, I think he plans to make a dugout over the weekend of an event!

  3. Normally this is only the kind of thing you see on BBC history documentaries like “Tudor Manor Farm.” Thank you for putting the “living” into living history!

  4. So cool!! This was so much fun to watch. I loved seeing your wonderful watercraft and throughly enjoyed the medieval water ASMR. Thank you!

  5. Wow! It is so cool to see the watercraft actually in use. Thank you for the wonderful video.

  6. Beautifully done, Brother and Sister Foresters! I really enjoyed seeing the results of the coracles and dugout (I was following along with your updates on those when you posted them on the Foresters Fb page), and the video itself is wonderful! It’s so great to see all of the medieval technology in action, from the boats to the fishing tools. Thank you for sharing, and bravo!

  7. Blundering around in the coracle at the hunt was one of the many highlights. This video brings back that magic, and so much more. I hope to see more of these in the future. Thank you!

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