Appreciating knowledge and feedback from all givers

A question to the Kingdom A&S Minister, Master Philip White:

“Why do some people seem to value praise from Laurels and Maunches more than the rest of the populace who don’t have these recognitions?”

A reply from the Minister:

Receiving praise is a wonderful thing. I expect that most of us appreciate someone saying a thoughtful word to us about our efforts. It’s nice to have someone recognize our work and abilities. It feels good.

Now, lets say that praise is coming from someone who you admire or respect. Like a mentor or a teacher. That might feel even better.

Or, perhaps that praise is coming from someone who is a member of an Order to which you aspire. You might have a goal of becoming a member of the Orders of the Laurel or of the Maunche yourself. Then that might feel really great. It then might feel like someone is telling you are on the right track to achieving your goals.

I can’t fault people for feeling good about any of that. Those seem like reasonable and natural responses to me.

Here is where I would caution people.

It would not be beneficial for individuals to dismiss or ignore people who are not members of those Orders.

Focusing only on hearing from people who are members of the Orders to which you aspire means you are missing out on building relationships and learning opportunities. You’re missing opportunities to grow.

You could also risk developing a reputation that you’re less interested in mastery of your skills and knowledge, teaching others, and promoting the arts and sciences as a whole. Even if it is not your intention, you could risk people believing that you’re trying to reach your goals instead through sucking up to Order members.

Making new relationships is good. Building partnerships is laudable. It is worth not risking alienating people who can help you develop by solely focusing on members of these Orders.


Every instance of praise is a learning opportunity.

Not everyone who is a Laurel is an expert in the skill you are attempting. Not every expert in the skill you are attempting is Laurel. Be open to hearing from everyone and you give yourself more opportunity to mature as an artisan.

Now, let me add here to the original question. I know we are not only talking about praise.

I have heard people ask similar questions about why artisans seem to only value constructive feedback given by members of the Orders. Or that there are artisans who will only take classes or attend workshops by members of the Orders. If those people do exist then they are missing more opportunities to learn and grow. We have lots of individuals who are capable in their own right to teach classes or provide constructive criticism without being members of the Orders.

My suggestion?

Treat everyone with respect. If someone is taking the time to give you praise (or even feedback) then listen to them. And, thank them.

Remember… Have fun! Learn! Teach!

Your Servant to Command,

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