Approaching difficult or problematic research topics respectfully

A Missive from Master Philip White, East Kingdom A&S Minister.

Within our organization, we encourage in-depth exploration of history through researching and recreating the arts and sciences.

In some cases, individuals may choose to investigate potentially unpleasant or difficult avenues of research. These works could be challenging due to both an historical context (violence or adult content for example) or due to awareness of modern sensibility (symbols co-opted by hate groups such as the swastika for example).

Individuals may also utilize historical resources and extant materials that have become available through problematic means (archaeological finds or colonial acquisitions for example) or that have been published with a contemporary bias (revisionist histories for example).

To set expectations, these artisans are asked to approach their research and work with special care.

They are expected to remain aware of potentially offensive symbolism or messaging within their works and to treat their research and reproductions with sensitivity and understanding (symbols co-opted by hate groups such as the swastika modified into another motif for example).

They are expected to present these materials with proper context and framing so that their historical use and purpose can be understood while trying best to avoid offense and misunderstandings (thorough documentation and explanatory display for example).

This means that a member of the populace may come across publications, displays, classes, competition entries, or other related educational opportunities that may contain materials that are upsetting to participants or viewers.

We ask that everyone, both the artisans and the populace, approach each other with kindness and courtesy.

Should any aspect of the arts and sciences present any individual with any concerns then please contact me directly at

Remember… Have fun! Learn! Teach!


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