Bobbin Lace Fan

Mistress Barbeta Kyrkeland, Barony of Bergental

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I did this for a Laurel’s challenge 5-6 years ago to recreate an Elizabethan accessory. I only had the 5-inch fan-sticks, so it is smaller than than what would have been used at the time (8-inches or more). Also, lace fans were rare, although I found a couple of examples: and this one from a portrait of Lady Eleanore Percy which is less clear:

I took this pattern from Gillian Dye’s “Insertions & Borders; Sixteenth & Seventeenth Century Lace Book 4”. She based it on the partlet in the Portrait of Anne of Denmark in Mourning attributed to Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger.

I used an unidentified black silk thread, and made a photocopy of the pricking onto heavy cardstock, and worked it on my block pillow. The pattern was difficult for me at my skill level at the time, so a close-up of the finished product will show that it is inconsistent and poorly worked,
with gradual improvement towards the end of the piece.

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  1. I wish I had better words to tell you how brilliant I think this is. I gasped when I opened the page. Truly breathtaking.

  2. I sold off all my bobbin lace making stuff a long time ago, and I never would have attempted something like this, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wow, that’s stunning! I’ve never tried bobbin lace (I find it intimidating, plus I have a million other projects), so I have no frame of reference for the work you’re doing, but that is seriously gorgeous!

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