Assistance for Planning & Documenting Your Crown A&S Project

A&S competitions can be a challenge. The Ministry of Arts & Sciences wants potential entrants to know that help is available to them:

  • If you have questions about a potential project or entry, please get in touch with the Kingdom A&S Minister, Mistress Elysabeth Underhill. She is happy to help you think through your project and discuss how to best to frame it for this specific competition.
  • The Ministry has created a document and compiled other links on its website that may assist with documentation, research, and display creation. If you wish further assistance with your documentation efforts, you can also reach out to the Kingdom A&S Minister.
  • Artisans can receive advice about their projects throughout the year by attending a Kingdom Consultation Table. Contact the Consultation Deputy for more information and a list of locations.
  • The Ministry will also be holding workshops online and at events about writing documentation, conducting research, and using the kingdom A&S rubric. Keep and eye out for information about these efforts, or e-mail the Kingdom A&S Minister for more details.