Display – 14th/15th Century Painted Shield by Galvyn Lockhart

Sir Galvyn Lockhart

The painting style & embellishment of this shield is inspired by examples of tournament shields from the 14th – 15th century. The shield features a canvas covered aluminum core, leather appliqués for the charges, and is painted with acrylic paints.

7 thoughts on “Display – 14th/15th Century Painted Shield by Galvyn Lockhart

  1. I love this! The colors are amazing and just shine in the light – this feels so wonderfully period in style, I love seeing historical arms and armor!

    1. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing. This is a thing of beauty.

  2. ohhh, that is trullly stunning! Like, my jaw totally dropped for a minute when I first saw it. Did you make it to match someone’s kit or an outfit?

    1. Thank you! It was a commissioned piece for a gentleman involved with the Kingdom of Acre / MSR. It’s his heraldry with some artistic flourishes for pomp.

  3. I agree that the use of leather really gives great definition in the appliqued pieces. I hope this is for display and will not be trashed on the field. Congratulations on an amazing piece.

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