Italian Turn Shoes

Maestrina Chiaretta di Fiore, Barony of Dragonship Haven

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I purchased a turnshoe kit from Champagne Faire on Etsy ( The kit comes with rubber soles and a pattern for 16th c. German  shoes, but I modified the pattern to an Italian-esque style.

The pattern calls for leather uppers, but I didn’t have any handy, so I used leftover silk and bound the outer edges. The shoes are decorated with small slashes and white soutache trim. They are entirely machine sewn (and from stash!) and the first shoe was completed in under a day, including drafting and testing the pattern. 

A blog post of the process will be posted at

5 thoughts on “Italian Turn Shoes

  1. It hadn’t even occurred to me I could make shoes like this using that kit – I so need to do this now! Thank you for sharing your methods – so gorgeous!

  2. So cute! Nice modifications to the original pattern and I love the golden silk.

  3. Beautiful! The slashing is a really nice touch, and it’s really cool that you could make the uppers with silk…that gives me all sorts of ideas (darn it! more projects!). Thank you for sharing! They look great!

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