Laurel Drop-in Hours for Laurels’ Challenge & Exhibition

The MOAS office is excited to announce that as part of our Online Laurel’s Challenge & Exhibition next week (Monday May 24th – Sunday the 30th) we will be having a variety of Laurels hosting open times for people to come meet them, learn, and ask questions! Join us online from Monday-Friday evenings on a wide array of topics.

Friday the 28th:

7:00-9:00 PM

Chiaretta di Fiore – Garb & A&S

My specialization is 16th century Italian (Florentine) costuming, but I am happy to speak about garb in general, A&S in the SCA, entering A&S competitions, and preparing documentation.

Meeting ID: 894 9942 6209

Passcode: 604934

Saturday the 29th:


Elias Gedney – “On Sailors and Maritime Studies in the SCA – what Thirty years has taught me”

Capt Elias Gedney will talk about his 45 years in the SCA and particularly his 30 Years as a student of Medieval and Renaissance Maritime studies, and aill answer any questions about Pirates, Piracy, Ships, and even Naval tactics.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 832 4959 5652

Passcode: 724418 

Sunday the 30th:


Elias Gedney – Persona basics and workshop

Do you sometimes feel like you need to “step-up” your persona game? does your personal story feel a little hollow or contrived, and it’s kind of bugging you?

Capt Elias Gedney will host an open forum for talking about persona planning, and how to approach making the persona you bring out in the SCA seem more real and deep. We’ll talk about ways to think about your persona, and address common philosophies people use to address the way they build and frame the “character” that they “hang their SCA on”. This is not a judgemental session, nor will there be any discussions of anything anyone HAS to do. It will be workshopping how you THINK about the way you play the SCA.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 894 5866 6339

Passcode: 100746 

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