Call for Online A&S Display items, new or old (with example) – Due Thursday the 30th!

Greetings Easterners!

The MOAS office is so excited to announce the date of our Second Online Kingdom A&S Display, Saturday, May 2nd! To be a part of this next round please submit your information by Thursday the 30th.

We know that many of us are busy with various things and maybe A&S isn’t on the table right now, so we would love folks to send us “something that made me smile” – a project from any time, today or twenty years ago, in-progress or completed, never-before-seen or something that you entered in A&S Champs – any project that gave you joy or made you smile!

Just send the following information to with “Display” as the subject line.

SCA Name:

Barony/local area:

Optional – Link to EK wiki page (please consider including a photo of yourself as well if there is not one on your wiki page so that people can see who you are!):

1-3 photos of your item

A short description (1-3 paragraphs) of your item and its creation

Link(s) to any additional information about your item/art (your blog, hand-outs, google doc with more documentation, etc. – anything that you want to share with people!)

An example could be:

SCA Name: Elena Hylton

Barony/local area: Carolingia

About my project: This hat is a “plague project” – I did it all out of supplies in my stash so I didn’t need to order or go to stores in person, as such it uses modern materials. I wanted to make a hat for my lord to complete his 1560s outfit and fortunately I had some leftover cut velvet, canvas, and satin from making that project. I am not a haberdasher so this was something of an adventure. 

I looked at a few paintings from period (such as ) as my inspiration and made a simple circular brim which I stiffened with glue and canvas. I pleated the top of the cap into the band, stitched it down with back-stitch, then tacked in a satin lining. Finally I rolled the velvet over and stitched it down to cover the raw edges of the canvas and lining. Overall I am very happy with it, though for my next try I would like to try to learn more about period hat construction.

We hope this example helps! If you have any questions about what to include please reach out to and I would love to talk about it. Any project you are working on, big or small, new or old, would be more than welcome.

Art brings joy and inspiration, thank you for sharing yours with us all <3

Mistress Elena Hylton, Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences

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