Italian Gamurra (gown)

Philippa Dyvill, Barony of Carolingia

EK wiki :

I created an Italian Renaissance-style underdress, called a gamurra . This dress would have been worn underneath an overdress (I’ve included pictures of it with a black and gold overdress called a cioppa).

The gamurra is made of medium weight green linen. I’m particularly proud of this as it is my first entirely hand-sewn garment! While it’s not without its flaws, it was exciting to construct the whole thing by hand, including the eyelets at the front and on the sleeves, and the lacing cord woven with fingerloop braiding.

Though the dress is shown here with matching sleeves, I’m looking forward to creating more that I can play with to create different looks!

5 thoughts on “Italian Gamurra (gown)

  1. You did such a wonderful job on this! Fitting the bodice pattern is such a pain but it looks like you nailed it – gorgeous lines (and I love the cioppa!)

  2. Yay, Team hand-sewn! Seriously, this is lovely and looks amazing on you.

  3. Wow, that’s impressive! It fits beautifully, the color looks great (especially with that cioppa!), and I’m really impressed you did it all by hand! Nicely done!

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