The Evolution of Zoomorphic Penannular brooches – Roibeard mac Neill mhic Gille Eoin

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This Presentation by THL Roibeard mac Neill covers the historical and stylistic evolution of Zoomorphic Penannular Brooches, a type of Brooch only found in the Insular Art of the British Isles, primarily Ireland.

Full documentation available here:

12 thoughts on “The Evolution of Zoomorphic Penannular brooches – Roibeard mac Neill mhic Gille Eoin

  1. I love your work here! So much interesting information and the pieces are just stunning. Thank you for sharing your art!

  2. These are gorgeous. I really like that you made an pieces across an evolution. Terrific write-up!

  3. This is so cool! I always learn something new from you.

    Good luck! (Not that you need luck)

  4. This was great to watch. I really like how you explained how the style evolved over the time period. Thank you for entering.

  5. Your video is so wonderfully warm and informative and your work continues to impress me. Thank you for sharing your art!

  6. Your work is so beautiful. I appreciated your research. Especially, I loved the reverence for the work that is so present in your video. This entry is so full of heart. Thank you.

  7. Beautiful and impressive artistry, and really interesting (and thorough) documentation — I very much enjoyed reading/watching it! Thank you!

  8. Ok – I know that everyone has said this, but WOW!! I just love that you show the evolution of the piece. Your love of the craft and passion for teaching can be seen, as well as the care you have for the history and legacy for each piece.
    Thank you!!

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