Second Online EK A&S Display

Welcome to our Second East Kingdom Online A&S Display! Our Eastern Artisans have shared their art with us, please enjoy!

Show your support by leaving positive comments or questions (no critical/constructive feedback please – artisans who were looking for that are being connected directly with other artisans in their field) on their pages!


Isabel del Okes, Pelican Vigil Book


Philippa Dyvill, Italian Gamurra (gown)

William (aka Galvyn) Lockhart, 14th/15th Century Poulaines

Fiore Leonetta Bardi, A 1589 Sailor’s Coat

Chiaretta di Fiore, Italian Turn Shoes


Richard Heyworth – Pattern Darned Drawstring Bag


Amalie Von Hohensee, Lacis

Barbeta Kyrkeland, Bobbin Lace Fan


Doroga Voronin, La Verdadera Destreza, Against the Alfanje (Spanish Fencing)

Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne, What Did the King’s Musketeers’ Uniforms Look Like? (paper)


Sigvardr Halfdanarson, Silver Alloy


Signy Otr, Stoneware Pottery


Lily Morgaine, Book of Kells Scroll

Sláine báen Ronán, Vines and Leaves Scroll


Arabella De Mere, Twist-patterned Tablet Woven Belt

Wood Working

Maxton Gunn, A Pair of Petrarca Chairs

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